Working Environment

The working environment is comparable to family life. In a family setting one of the children would behave in an unfavourable manner, the other children would bring the matter to the attention of their parents, each time they mention the child’s behaviour, the parents would ignore the children, but shower the child with love and attention. The children would then feel neglected and say amongst themselves that their parents are showing favouritism to the child. The children would crave the love their parents are showing towards the child but it does not materialise. The parents accuse the children of picking on the child and say they must leave the child alone. The children huddle together for support and resent being with the child. The older child leaves home feeling emotionally harmed by the parent’s unwillingness to listen to what the children had to say. Now that the older child has left home, there is a strong bond between the other children and they mourn the loss of the older child leaving home. As time goes by, the favoured child is wanted by the police for a heinous crime. The parents are devastated with what the police had told them. They begin to ask themselves how could this be looking at one other in disbelief and saying: “our precious child has brought shame to the family home. The parents then seek the other children, but they have all left home, the parents were so focussed on the child, they were oblivious the children had moved out.

In the working environment several members of staff would complain to management about an individual’s behaviour, the staff are ignored and are accused of picking on the individual. The individual is then promoted to a higher position. The staff feels neglected and alone. Management are not listening to them and they say amongst themselves that management is showing favouritism towards the individual. The eldest member of staff leaves, feeling emotionally harmed by management’s unwillingness to listen to what the staff had to say. The staff bond together for support and resent being around the individual. As time goes by, the company is raided by the regulators, the individual has committed a heinous crime, and management are devastated with what they have been told by the regulators. They begin to ask themselves how could this be looking at one another in disbelief saying our star employee has brought the company into disrepute. Management now wants to hear what the staff were saying, but one by one the staff had left the company.

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